Market Research & Analysis

Client Data

Save time and money by leveraging AgPresent’s custom data analysis and presentation to cut costs and add value. You provide the data, we save you time and money.

Our Data

Whether you have a last-minute presentation or are looking for custom charts and analysis, utilize AgPresent’s vast data in formats and visualizations that help you now.

Data Mix

Combining AgPresent’s data tools and analysis with your business data and ideas, bring custom reports and presentations to life by combining yours with ours.

Ghost Writing & Content Creation

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Subscriptions & Data

Weekly Updates

Weekly data updates on the data you need. Combines data tools with charts, tables, and dashboards tailored to your industry. Sent each week as data is released and becomes available.

Monthly Market Reports

Includes a detailed analysis of select industries. The report includes graphs, trends, forecasts, charts, tables, year-to-date, year-over-year, month-over-month, and past comparisons.

Add a Dashboard to improve your decision making. Prices vary based on data points.*

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Data Grab

Choose individual charts, graphs, and visuals that are specific to what you need. From comprehensive data chart sets to individual selections, mix and match for your specific needs.